Here we answer some commonly asked questions about the FishCare programme.

How did this programme come about?

This programme was conceived in response to fishers wanting to know more about the best ways to interact with the fishery and environment.


What about commercial fishers, shouldn’t LegaSea be trying to do something about their practices?

LegaSea is continuing to try and influence policy makers to manage the fishery in the best possible ways, including curbing destructive commercial fishing practices such as bottom trawling. All users of the marine environment have a responsibility to look after the fishery and marine environment, whether they are recreational or commercial.


Are these rules everyone has to follow?

No, these are considered to be the best ways to fish so as to minimise your impact on the environment, help build our fishery and get the most out of your fish for yourself and community. It may take some time to adopt these principles to your style(s) of fishing but making some changes can make a difference to tomorrow’s fish stocks.


How did you come up with these principles?

Research and studies have been published on most aspects of these principles. These studies have formed the basis for the information provided. A big thank you to John Holdsworth, from Blue Water Marine Research for his work on gathering all the pertinent information.