FishCare Ambassadors

The FishCare Ambassadors are people who share our common values and practice the FishCare principles. In fact, before FishCare came along, our Ambassadors were already very conscious of the need to look after our fishery and were taking steps to reduce their impact on the fishery. We are proud to have these kiwi fishers helping us educate and raise awareness in the community to help future generations enjoy an abundant fishery and a clean ocean.

Tony Orton – Offshore Adventures

Tony is a highly respected NZ charter operator, operating Offshore Adventures, a charter company that caters to domestic and international clients.

 For me “every fish counts” we have to respect the fish in every step of the process from catching it, caring for to ensure quality and the time taken to prepare and eat the fish. As fishers, we have to ensure smarter fishing practices so all undersized or unwanted fish will survive, and our seafloor is cared for. 

New Zealand will have fish well into the future providing we as fisherman educate ourselves and others that the way we treat our environment now is going to be a reflection on what our children’s children will have in the future.FishCare is an important key to how I run my charter and guiding business.

As fishers, we have a responsibility to firstly ensure what we do is sustainable before we even put food on the table. As an international travelling fisherman, I get to see the good and the bad in fishing practices worldwide, part of this process allows me to adopt sustainable practices to my charter operation back here in NZ – Tony Orton.

Mandy Kupenga – Fishing Advisor

Mandy is a TV host, creator of and loves fishing and gathering kaimoana. She is equally passionate about protecting our oceans.

“I’m conscious that some things just have to change if we have a shot at saving our oceans, and I mean globally.

With the combined effects of climate change, overfishing and ocean pollution there are challenges we have to face up to and figure out what we can do to protect and preserve our oceans and sea life, right now and into the future.

Losing our oceans means losing a way of life we are so privileged to enjoy and I can’t stand the thought of it. So when I’m hosting a fishing show or producing online videos I try to include eco-fishing tips, ways to care for your catch, ways we can be more conscious of looking after mother nature.”

Mandy Kupenga.


Matt von Sturmer – Salt Fly Fish

Matt is a saltwater fly fishing guide based at idyllic Waiheke Is. Matt prides himself on getting the most value for the client with the least amount of impact on the marine environment.

Since I was young I have fished, always exploring new places and techniques. After 30 years of conventional tackle, I now fish exclusively with fly rods. I am a qualified skipper and run Saltflyfish charters from Waiheke Island.

At first glance, it may appear that people who catch fish are unlikely champions of fish conservation. However, it is also true that if you care deeply about something you are likely to protect it. Picking up my rod connects me to the same primal meditation our ancestors of old experienced.

Like an ancient hunter, to be successful I have learned to listen, look and carry great respect for what I am doing. To kill a fish is a decision to take a life and it should be done carefully and with consideration. In a world where we are so removed from what we eat, hunting and gathering connect us with what it is to be human.

My family may still eat tomorrow if I am not successful but the pursuit is the same as it always has been. When we cannot take fish from the ocean we have failed in our responsibility to respect the gift of sustenance and the environment that lets fish be abundant

Matt von Sturmer.