Always check the weather before you go fishing and have a plan if it gets rough. 


1.Before you go fishing, check your fishing and safety gear.

2.Tell someone where you are going and when you will return.

3.Consider taking a course to ensure are boating safely within the limitations of the conditions and your experience.

4.The Coastguard provide excellent courses and resources to help boaties stay safe on the water.






Useful Links

  1. Learn how to iki different species of fish
  2. NZ Sport Fishing Council fisheries management submissions
  3. Fisheries management FAQ’s about issues that affect fishers
  4. Official fishing rules in your area for species, bag limits, size limits, seasons etc
  5. Release weights to maximise fish survival rates from barotrauma
  6. Information on fish processing and cleaning
  7. Smart fishing around seabirds
  8. Safe boating education with the Coast Guard
  9. Safety and boating regulations
  10. Free Fish Heads - Connect fishers who want to share their fresh fish heads and frames with people eager to receive them